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Open Hours

Monday-Friday: 8:00am–6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am–4:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm–4:00pm

Emergency Services

We provide traditional medicines for ailments. We also have health clinic facilities to cater for the medicial problems.

Nybex Herbals Nig Ltd

About Us

The Nybex Herbals Nig. Ltd. was founded by Bishop Nimbe Solomon and incorporated in the year 2013.

The decision to float this Company was borne out of his zeal to help the world fight and combat sickness and diseases.

Patient First

We provide a full range of urgent care and primary care services through our local health care centres.

Smart Healthcare

We have developed a smart local healthcare system to manage prevalent health problems around.

Latest Research

At Nybex Herbals Nig. Ltd., we work tirelessly in traditional medicine research to get better solution to medical challenges.

Secured Patient Data

At Nybex Herbal Nigeria, we understand the confidentiality of your records and we also do well in handling them professionally.

We operate 24h a day - every day!

Call us to register apointment at 08034855479 or sign up online.

Nybex Herbals Products

“Alafia” & “Gbenro”

Our Products

Nybex Herbals Clinic Center

Nybex Herbals Clinic Center

Our Outreach

Bishop Nimbe Solomon founder Nybex Herbals Nig Ltd

Bishop Nimbe Solomon


The Founder,
Bishop Nimbe Solomon

He is a registered and licensed member of the Lagos State Traditional Medicine Practitioners, National Association of Nigerian Traditional Medicine Practitioners (NANTMP).

All Our Centers

Excellence in everything we do

Our Focus

Our company, having a human face, though in business, yet demonstrating compassion on the poor sick folks. To this end, we partner and collaborate with Bishop Nimbe Solomon Healing Outreach, a non-profit making religious organization laid with the burden for the sick and afflicted people by supplying all their medicinal needs in facilitating the conduct of Free Healthcare Campaigns.

Services We Provide


We produce healthy foods such as Plantain Flour which is recommended for diabetic patients

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Sorrel Drink Zobo

Sorrel Drink (Zobo)

A highly medicinal drink that can be used as an anti-hypertensive drink

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Nybex Herbals Drugs Gbenro

Anti-diabetic Drug

Gbenro is an anti-diabetic drug produced from Nigeria local food and medicinal herbs

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Nybex Herbals Drug Alafia

Anti-hypertension Drug

Alafia is an anti-hypertensive herbal drug also produced from local content medicinal herbs

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