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Hypertension – The Silent Killer: All You Need To Know

How to lower your blood pressure

Have you ever witnessed a loved one slump and died in mysterious circumstances, in spite of every conservative effort to resuscitate him/her, including rushing to the nearest hospital only to be told he had given up the ghost? What was the collective and your personal opinions or conclusion on the cause of death.? If you’ve never seen such an incident, perhaps you have heard such stories before.

What has been your submission? Here in Nigeria, sudden deaths are mystical and attributed to either witches /wizards or some unknown enemies within the deceased family or among friends, colleagues at work or perceived envious business partners. It is usually so because eye witness accounts prove that victims usually showed no signs of illness and rarely complained. They look healthy physically until they suddenly go down inevitably.

But know today that more than 80% of sudden deaths are caused by a disease which the WHO has named “the silent killer “.It is a twin-brother disease and both are potentially deadly. However, the one we’re discussing today is High Blood Pressure otherwise known as HYPERTENSION in medical parlance.

Hypertension in Nigeria infographics
Hypertension in Nigeria infographics (The Cardiology Advisor)

This disease is the elevation of the arterial blood pressure above the normal range expected. Caused by hypertension is said to be unknown and there aren’t specific symptoms. It can only be diagnosed through a blood pressure test using the sphygmomanometer, a piece of medical equipment. It is a very dangerous health condition because it has serious health complications which include: heart failure, kidney failure, cerebral haemorrhage or stroke all of which may result in sudden death or paralysis.

Most patients are diagnosed late when the symptoms of complications of hypertension develops or surface.

Treat Hypertension with herbal solution
Nybex Herbal Clinic (Epe, Lagos)

This is an awareness call to everyone from the age of 30yrs and above to beware of this silent killer disease already ravaging the world today. Let’s arise to eradicate sudden death by taking action steps as follows.

(1) Check your blood pressure level regularly.

(2) Take your BP medicine regularly.

Although it’s been proven that some BP drugs actually demonstrated adverse side effects, therefore it’s safer to take organic medicines which have no side effects. For best results in healing and cure of hypertension and other chronic diseases, visit the Nybex Herbal Clinic at Epe. Or contact us through our website.

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