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Nybex Herbals Drugs Gbenro

Gbenro herbal Product

  • Gbenro

    Gbenro herbal capsule is an anti-diabetic drug produced frm Nigeria local food and medicinal herbs including Vernonia amygdalina and Ocimum basilicum is capable of lowering and normalizing blood sugar drastically, bringing relief from all symptoms and complications of the disease.

    Users are advised to check their sugar levels constantly while on the drug.

  • Why Gbenro?

    With an estimated 425 million people living with diabetes in the world today, a lot of people fall victims to drugs and treatment that fail to prove effective in the fight against the dreaded condition.


    Try GBENRO, an anti-diabetic drug produced from Nigerian local food and medicinal herbs.


    As a tried, tested and trusted treatment against diabetes, GBENRO is the sure answer for those who are tired of spending a lot of money for treatments that have little or no effect.


    For diabetic patients, this is the long-awaited succor that you have been waiting for!